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Mayan Queen visits London

Posted by HelenEdith on June 2, 2009

Mayan Queen

Mayan Queen

Unlike the day when I photographed Scarlett Oyster, the sun was out for this picture of Mayan Queen, which was snapped on my cameraphone. It doesn’t do a bad job when conditions are good! 🙂

Mayan Queen was not on the Port of London Authority Cruise Ship Diary, and I would guess that she’s a private yacht, albeit a nice big one. The other craft in the picture include HMS Belfast, a Thames passenger boat, and at the left, the vessel to the right of the grouping is Dutch Master

I’ve also cropped in for a close-up.

Mayan Queen

Mayan Queen

4 Responses to “Mayan Queen visits London”

  1. Marty said

    Wonderful picture — especially for your camera phone. I love the colors and the sun on the towers. Thanks for posting it!

  2. Buff said

    A /private/ yacht??? I want one for Christmas, please … LOL

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