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Ivor Newton House – Musician’s Benevolent Fund

Posted by HelenEdith on August 7, 2008

The Musician’s Benevolent Fund run a retirement home for musicians called Ivor Newton House, which is named after the pianist Ivor Newton, who died in 1981. The home is located in Bromley, and is literally just up the road from where I live.

Unfortunately, the MBF have now decided to close this home, the only one of its kind specially for retired musicians.

The current residents are very upset about this closure. Local conductor Leonard Davis, who is now 94, is one of the residents. I saw him today at the Marlowe Music Week Coffee Morning, and his comment was that many people sold their houses to move to Ivor Newton House, and had every expectation of having a home for life there.

We’ve had a petition circulating locally, but it looks like a final decision was made on Tuesday 5th August, and whether there’s any chance of the current residents being able to live out their lives there is looking increasingly doubtful.

Comment from The Stage: The Stage / News / Musicians Benevolent Fund closes performers’ care home

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MBF website: Musician’s Benevolent Fund

Ivor Newton House

MBF press release (closure statement): Press Release, 5th August 2008

MBF press release (background info): Ivor Newton House Background Briefing

Commission for Social Care Inspection: Ivor Newton House

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