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Wuronga was the name of the farm where I grew up near Mount Barker in South Australia.

I decided that it would make a good name for my home on the web, whose URL is www.wuronga.me.uk

The original Wuronga is close to the mountain known as Mount Barker, rather than the township of the same name, which is three miles to the west.

Here is a summertime view taken from the neighbour’s paddock showing Wuronga in its position with Mount Barker behind it. The house roof can just be seen above a hedge.

Here is a rather more verdant view taken from within our own property’s boundary. The house is not included in this view, but most of the farm buildings are.

The views from the summit of Mount Barker used to be spectacular when I lived at Wuronga, although nowadays the trees have grown more and obscured some of those views. Wuronga can be seen towards the right of this picture.

If you want to see more about Mount Barker, these pages on my website contain extra images:
Mount Barker Pictures (1970s)
February/March, 2000 – Mount Barker Summit
February/March, 2000 – Mount Barker Township

I’ve also got a couple of links to external sites related to Mount Barker:
Mount Barker, South Australia Links

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