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Website update: Holiday Pictures – October, 2007 – Beamish Pockerley Waggonway

Posted by HelenEdith on September 6, 2008

We left the Beamish Colliery Village via the woods and emerged on the other side of the Beamish site, where we took the path down to the Pockerley Waggonway.

A steam locomotove was providing short rides down there. The wrought iron weather vane was also noteworthy – and the engine driver proved photogenic!

My pictures are here: Helen Stephenson’s North East England Holiday Pictures – October, 2007 – Beamish Pockerley Waggonway

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Entry for July 11, 2007 – Steamboat!

Posted by HelenEdith on July 11, 2007

I spent today up in town. I enjoyed my day a lot, including the “after work” bit where I got my camera out. Having checked the Tower Bridge lift schedule and found that a historic steamer, Balmoral, was going to be in port for one of her London visits during her summer itinerary, I’d decided to cart the camera up to town. I missed seeing Balmoral arrive, but she was supposed to leave again within half an hour, so I found myself a spot and waited. And waited. And waited.

Just as I was thinking of giving up in disgust and going home, the klaxons on Tower Bridge went off, and I knew that things were going to happen. I told the tourists near by to watch, and Balmoral came steaming towards Tower Bridge, but nothing was happening! Then just at the last moment, up went the bascules just far enough to allow her two masts through and through she went! That bridgemaster has it down to a fine art: the bridge is never open for any longer than it needs to be!

Today’s picture doesn’t have Tower Bridge in it, but it does show Balmoral against the backdrop of the changing London skyline: from the left, the green glass building is Plantation Place in Fenchurch Street; the tall tower is Tower 42, the tallest building in the City of London, and also the oldest tall building; then come the gothic gables of Minster Court, with the tower section of the brand-new Willis Building behind, and just a little of the Aviva Building peeping from behind the right side; and then at the right, the unmistakable shape of the Swiss Re Building, more commonly known simply as The Gherkin.

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Entry for June 10, 2007 – Wrotham Steam & Vintage Rally

Posted by HelenEdith on June 10, 2007

For the third year in a row, Stephen and I went to the Wrotham Steam & Vintage Rally, and it was even better than last year.

We spent five hours there, and we could have spent longer and still not seen everything. Next year we really must get up earlier and get in a full day.

Today’s picture is the showman’s tractor, which is a regular at Wrotham. It is immaculate. The owner brings it on a low-loader, and it’s definitely worth looking at it being loaded back on the low-lowder. It’s great seeing it under its own power on the rally site, too!

In addition to the steam engines, we saw classic tractors, classic cars (both pre- and post-WWII) and stationary engines. There were also classic motorcycles on site, but we didn’t really “do” them this year.

I found a nice pair of earrings on one of the sales pitches. They will need converting to screwbacks, but that should only be a matter of a couple of minutes with the pliers.

Some of the steam engines were local to Wrotham and arrived and left under their own steam. When we went home, we got stuck going down Wrotham Hill behind them! They don’t go very fast… 🙂

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Entry for May 25, 2007

Posted by HelenEdith on May 25, 2007

It’s the weekend! 😀

Not only that, it’s a long weekend.

The weather forecast isn’t that good 😦 but hopefully it will be dry enough to go to the Sellindge Steam Special and see (and photograph) the traction engines.

I practised QEII Bridge queue avoidance this evening by making a side-trip to Lakeside on my way home from work. I bought up big in Holland & Barratt. One of the downsides to working in Xchanging’s Basildon office is that there’s absolutely nothing in the way of shops that can be visited at lunch time without getting in the car. It does mean I don’t fritter money away, but also means that when I do want to stock up at Boots or Holland & Barratt, I have to plan a special trip to do it.

Once I’d done my shopping at Lakeside, I joined slow-moving (but at least it was moving) traffic and got over the Bridge and arrived home at 9pm.

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