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Entry for April 13, 2008 – Double Rainbow

Posted by HelenEdith on April 13, 2008

Last Friday we had changeable weather. One moment, the sun would be shining, and the next moment, it was raining. Ideal conditions for a rainbow!

Someone in the office noticed that not only was there a rainbow outside, it was a double rainbow. It seemed like half the people in the office reached for their cameraphones and pointed them at it.

My effort is above. My colleague Adam had his effort on Flickr within minutes!

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Entry for April 10, 2008 – City Gent’s Playhouse

Posted by HelenEdith on April 10, 2008

Months ago, on a visit to Leadenhall Street, I saw a demolition site where a building is being dismantled from the ground up. In fact, I posted about it on my blog at the time, complete with a picture out of my DSLR.

The demolition has progressed by a storey or two since I last saw it, and the top of the building is now wrapped in plastic, but it seems that this upside down demolition is proceeding very slowly.

The actual reason for the manner of the demolition is that the building was built with all the floors hanging from structures at roof level. There are a half a dozen such buildings in London, and at least one other is also being demolished. They must have reached a “certain age”!

This is quite a successful camera phone picture, but I have to put my hand up and say that I did edit it in PhotoShop a little bit. 🙂

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Entry for April 10, 2008 – A day in The City

Posted by HelenEdith on April 10, 2008

I missed out on a presentation I needed to attend in Basildon last Friday and so I went up to Leadenhall Street to catch it today.

I thought I’d play with my camera phone while I was up in London, but all I’m doing is pointing and clicking – I’m not really learning how to use it.

One thing I stopped and photographed was this street sign for Whittington Avenue. It’s signs like this which bring home what a historic place London is. We hear the story of Dick Whittington coming to London and becoming the Mayor, and when you see a street sign bearing his name, it brings home the fact that it’s not just a story!

This particular street sign is on one of the streets from which Leadenhall Market is accessed. This street is in fact the Leadenhall Street entrance.

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Entry for April 09, 2008 – Pink Water Tower

Posted by HelenEdith on April 9, 2008

I was just packing up to leave the office this evening when I happened to glance out the window and see the water tower in the New Holland tractor plant coloured pink by the setting sun.

I had my new camera phone with me, so I took a couple of pictures through the office window.

The results definitely don’t even compare with what I can get out of my DSLR, but a camera phone is a lot lighter to carry around!

I just wish that Samsung had included a chapter in the manual about how to use the camera part of the phone. I’m sure that they assume that everybody is familiar with a point and click camera and automatically knows what all the symbols mean, but that’s just not the case for me. I really need to go out for a walk with the camera phone and learn how to use it.

Pictures taken in better lighting conditions would undoubtedly be better. I suspect that the camera used its maximum ISO to take this picture, judging by the noise in it, but I’ll never know, as the EXIF data attached to the JPEG didn’t include anything useful like the ISO or the shutter speed.

Anyway, I captured the moment for posterity, and if I ever have my DSLR handy when the water tower is bathed in pink light, maybe I’ll do better one day. 🙂

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Entry for April 06, 2008 – Snow in London

Posted by HelenEdith on April 6, 2008

We had snow in London today! That’s the first snow I’ve seen all winter – and it’s supposed to be spring now, anyway. (Stephen saw some one morning a couple of weeks ago, but it had all melted before I got up.)

A jay was visiting our garden today and taking advantage of the food that Stephen puts out for the wild birds. Both the grain on the ground and the peanuts in the feeder came in for attention. When the jay used the peanut feeder, it then took the peanut up into the pear tree to eat it.

I think that the picture encapsulates today quite well: pear blossom covered in snow, and with a jay sitting on the branch of the tree.

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