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Book Review: Nora Roberts – Sanctuary

Posted by HelenEdith on April 4, 2010

I’m way behind on my book reviews, as I read this book a good couple of months ago. Having been on non-library books for a while, I haven’t had an incentive to keep my book reviews up to date, as the books haven’t had to go anywhere once they’re read – although this one will probably find its way to the charity shop eventually.

Sanctuary is the house where photographer Jo Ellen Hathaway grew up. She escaped many years ago and carved out a career away from the island where Sanctuary stands. However, now she is back, because somebody is sending her pictures, and she needs to face her past, including the murder of her mother.

Architect Nathan Delaney has also returned to the island. Like Jo, he was still a youngster when Jo’s mother was killed, but his family were on the island at the time, too.

When it becomes apparent that Jo is facing danger at Sanctuary, she questions whether Nathan is safe or a part of the danger. In typical Roberts fashion, we get kept in suspense right to the very last page. The key players remain on the island during a hurricane and the final chapter to a tale of murder unfolds along with the storm.

This book is a little dated. Jo’s career is photography; and since 1997, when this book was copyrighted, there has been a digital revolution. Some of it almost reads like a historical novel, with scenes taking place in a darkroom. However, it didn’t affect my enjoyment and I will continue to lap up the output of Nora Roberts at every opportunity.

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Book Review: Nora Roberts – Northern Lights

Posted by HelenEdith on December 6, 2009

This nice thick volume from Nora Roberts is set in the town of Lunacy, Alaska, where Nate Burke has become the Chief of Police.

Many would have preferred a local Chief, but Nate has been brought in from outside. He soon makes the acquaintance of Meg Galloway, and this provides some romantic interest to the book. However, the main plot of the book is the discovery of a body on their local mountain – a body which turns out to have been up there for quite a few years, preserved in an ice cave.

Part of the story is told in flashback, although as the flashback portions never mention real names, we never know from the flashback exactly who was up the mountain on the fateful climbing expedition.

What soon becomes apparent is that someone in Lunacy doesn’t want Nate to investigate how the body came to be in the ice cave and why nobody reported that less men came back down the mountain than went up.

I thought I knew “whodunnit” several chapters before I reached the end of the book, but I was wrong: I had to read all the way to the end to find out who the real villain was.

Another satisfyingly good read from Nora Roberts.

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