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Monty is a neat little cat

Posted by HelenEdith on January 7, 2010

Monty is a very neat little cat. He tends to hold his appendages in neatly rather than sprawling.

Monty sitting down neatly

He looked quite satisfied with himself in that first picture. In the second one, his tail isn’t neatly curled around himself, but is describing an arc behind him. He’s also got a bit of green-eye, which is the cat equivalent of the human red-eye. I must get out my super duper new flashgun instead of relying on the pop-up flash on my camera!

Monty sitting down neatly, but with his tail arced out behind him

3 Responses to “Monty is a neat little cat”

  1. Loz Chai said

    Hey I came across this blog post about your cats while googling “why does my cat carry a dressing gown belt around the house while meowing” lol and here I am! I see your cute kitty also has a blue one that they tend to move around! Do they meow while doing it ? It’s streange because my kitty carries mine around at night while meowing well it’s more like a yowling a very strange noise, and I don’t know why! It’s soooo cute though! He’s not lonely or anything either because he is very spoilt and is an indoor cat so not sure why he does it, he has done it ever since I adopted him as a kitten and he is 3 years old now. Do you have any idea why he would do it ? I did come across one article which said it may be a security type blanket , but unsure! Anyways you have cute cats I love cats and all animals! Maybe you’d like to check my blog out as I post about my pets too, I have 2 dogs and 1 cats 🙂 love Lozzie Chai xo

    • HelenEdith said

      I’ve got very little idea! How much noise the cat makes seems to depend on the cat, too. When my partner’s Mum was alive, her cats used to go outside and hunt; and sometimes they will call when they bring home a kill to let you know that they have done it. I suppose if they are raising kittens that they are calling the youngsters to come and eat. One of our cats is a Bengal and they are a very noisy breed. Tricki cannot do anything quietly and has an extensive vocabulary. (We did have two Bengals, but Bennie died, which was really sad.)

      • Loz Chai said

        thanks for your reply! sorry to hear about your darling passing away and your mum also, very sad. But yes i think you’re right , my cat is giving me a gift, even if it is a dressing gown cord he drags around the house lol xx

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