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Website Update: Visit to RHS Wisley Gardens, Saturday 9th May 2009

Posted by HelenEdith on May 16, 2009

Stephen and I wanted a day out to enjoy the beauty of nature and maybe find some water to sit and look at; and we went to the Royal Horticultural Society’s gardens at Wisley. Although there was water there, the ponds weren’t as interesting as some that I’ve visited, but the spring flowers were lovely and we had the sort of day out that we were looking for.

The pictures I took during our visit are now up on my website here: RHS Wisley Garden Pictures – May 9th, 2009 – Index. They are spread out over three pages linked from this index, and have been grouped as indoor plants, outdoor plants, and everything else. The everything else includes buildings, statues, water features and fish!

Here are a few of the pictures you can find on the page linked above:

RHS_Wisley_20090509_IMGP6505_ed_cr_3x2 The main house at Wisley, which forms the backdrop to the major water feature at the front of the gardens.
RHS_Wisley_20090509_IMGP6401_ed Fish in one of the small ponds further into the garden.
RHS_Wisley_20090509_IMGP6416_ed Wisteria. This one was growing on a rustic bridge near the fish, but there was wisteria in bloom anywhere that it had something to climb up.
RHS_Wisley_20090509_IMGP6423_ed Rhododendron flowers. We visited during prime rhododendron time and saw them with flowers in a variety of colours throughout the central section of the garden.
RHS_Wisley_20090509_IMGP6500_ed Our favourite peony. This flower was massive.
RHS_Wisley_20090509_IMGP6308_ed Orchid. There were numerous varieties in the Greenhouse.
RHS_Wisley_20090509_IMGP6332_ed A rather pretty pink flower in the Greenhouse, whose name I didn’t write down. (Or photograph. The name, that is.)

You’ll have to visit the link provided if you want to see the rest of my pictures!

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