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Entry for August 05, 2008 – String Orchestra with soloists

Posted by HelenEdith on August 5, 2008

This evening was the one Marlowe activity that I’ve been seriously practising for, as I was to be one of the soloists with this evening’s string orchestra.

We had a good range of soloists, and interspersed pieces without a soloist so that we had a good mix of pieces to play. Malcolm had set me up with cello parts for anything that didn’t have a bassoon part to keep me busy and out of mischief, so I had plenty to do, apart from when it was my turn to be the soloist. I did get caught out early on by a cello part which blossomed into treble clef, which is something bassoonists don’t see very often, but once I realised that such passages may crop up, I was ready for them, and even had the opportunity to play a passage containing a top D, which I nailed. 🙂

We heard Pergolesi arranged by Barbirolli for Evelyn Rothwell (who later became Lady Barbirolli) for the oboe, I performed Henry Hargrave I, then we had a trumpet concerto. After our refreshment break, we had a Vivaldi violin concerto, and then our oboe soloist switched to cor anglais and performed a solo on that.

The orchestra enjoyed the Henry Hargrave, which none of them had heard before, so my contribution to the evening went down well – and of course I was delighted to have that many people playing my accompaniment for me!


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