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Book Review: Anne McCaffrey – Restoree

Posted by HelenEdith on October 11, 2008

This is one of Anne McCaffrey’s earliest published full-length novels, although she had already published short stories prior to writing Restoree.

It is somewhat different from her later work, being less of a good yarn and more of an attempt at a gritty writing style which she very wisely abandoned in her later works. It is also written in the first person, which is unusual for McCaffrey. Having said all that, it was a book where I kept turning the pages, even though some of the characterisation was lacking. However, this could be said to be in line with the plot, which is of Sara, captured by the Mil, who winds up on Lothar, a planet inhabited by humanoids who fix her injuries at the hands of the Mil. She was actually in such poor shape when she fell into the hands of the Lotharians that they didn’t realise that she wasn’t one of them.

The book contains a lot of politics (not something that is foremost in McCaffrey’s later works, although it does crop up) and transports us from the mental facility where Sara winds up after being fixed up by the Lotharians, through her escape with Harlan, the world’s Regent until he was drugged, and on to the Royal palace, where Harlan sets in train events to depose the new Regent who had caused him to be drugged.

I’m glad I’ve finally found this book, for which I’ve been looking out for some years, but I think one reading will be enough.

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