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Beckenham Concert Band: last rehearsal before Horniman Gardens Bandstand

Posted by HelenEdith on August 11, 2009

This evening, I took some time off from Marlowe Music Week and went to the Beckenham Concert Band rehearsal. The Marlowe activity was string orchestra with soloists, and I wasn’t involved with that this year. Last year I played Henry Hargrave’s Bassoon Concerto No.1 with the string orchestra, but I didn’t practise anything for this year – and Malcolm turned out to have plenty of would-be soloists, so my absence wasn’t a problem. 🙂

The Beckenham Concert Band are performing on the bandstand in the Horniman Gardens next Sunday, so attendance at their rehearsal was a good thing. I got to sort out both the Bassoon 1 and Bassoon 2 pads, as the other bassoonist couldn’t make it this evening, although he will be there on Sunday. I’ve brought both pads home with me, so I have the option of practising in the next few days. Maybe I should do so: there’s an exposed bit in Jesus Christ Superstar involving a tricky D flat!

I had my mobile phone switched on, which was a bit naughty of me, and it went off during the rehearsal. I answered it before anybody recognised the Light Cavalry Overture (my ringtone) and it was Stephen to say that he’d come home without his house keys and could I please not be too late home. When the last rehearsal piece was announced as The Symphonic Beatles, I took the opportunity to pack up and go home a bit early. I can play the piece, so I didn’t really need to rehearse it, but it’s not a piece I would play from choice, as I don’t like The Beatles. I think that a harmony used by Paul McCartney offends my ears.

With my head start on packing up, I left the rehearsal just before 10pm and was home shortly after ten past ten. Stephen emerged from his car and I let him in. He took his diabetic pills, emptied the washing machine for me, and went straight up to bed. Now that I’ve hung up my washing and written this piece, I’d better follow him. I’ve got a concert tomorrow morning!


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Marlowe Music Week 2009: Tuesday light orchestra rehearsal

Posted by HelenEdith on August 11, 2009

This morning was the one session of Marlow Music Week which is an actual rehearsal for something, rather than being simply a group of musicians sitting down to play purely for their own pleasure. The rehearsal is on account of tomorrow morning’s Coffee Morning, which takes place in the hall of the Holy Redeemer Church in Days Lane Sidcup, and raises funds for that church.

The concert programme consists of light music, and has been carefully chosen this year to reflect a paucity of trombone players. 😦 However, Margaret, my fellow lady bassoonist 🙂 is going to play some of the trombone parts on her bassoon, so the parts will not go uncovered.

Malcolm seems to have an almost unlimited supply of light music filed away at his house and I don’t think I’d seen much of tomorrow’s programme before. He’s got a medley of HMS Pinafore numbers to end the concert, and I had a quick extra look at that before packing up my bassoon and leaving the rehearsal. I did think about bringing the music home and having a look at it this afternoon, but a quick extra look at the end of the rehearsal felt like it had done the trick.

I came home via Sainsbury’s, as I decided that I would like a “compost heap” for my lunch. This is Stephen’s term for a stir-fry, in case you’re wondering! While in the High Street, I also picked up a prescription waiting for me at the pharmacy, and it came with much more paper attached to it than usual. It turns out that I’m taking something which has caused the doctor to require me to have some blood tests so that they can monitor me. I was pleased to see that the thyroid function box was ticked. I’ve got quite a few relatives with thyroid problems, and if I’m going to have a blood test, that’s definitely something I want to have checked!

Oh, and the “compost heap” was lovely. I also bought some white grape and peach juice while I was in Sainsbury’s, and that was lovely and cool with it. I do have to moan though: my diced turkey was 2 for £5 but a lot more than £2.50 for just one tray; and my juice cost 95p but I could have had three cartons for £2.25. I didn’t want three cartons! I have enough wastage in the fridge from not finishing things without going out and buying three in the first place when I only want one. 😡

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Entry for August 05, 2008 – Light Music Rehearsal

Posted by HelenEdith on August 5, 2008

This morning’s Marlowe Music Week activity was a rehearsal of light music in preparation for tomorrow’s Coffee Morning, which is a fundraiser for the church whose hall we are using all week.

The first half of the rehearsal was rather Viennese in flavour, without a Strauss in sight though. We moved on in the second half to include Eric Coates, The Pirates of Penzance and The Sound of Music.

I was one of the last to arrive, and Margaret was already seated by the time I got there. All the music seemed to be in one pad, and I commented that it had been a bit of a waste of time to put my music stand up. Then Margaret decided that she needed a drink of water and stood up and we discovered that she was sitting on the second bassoon pad and that we had two copies of all our music!

I’m afraid that I interrupted the rehearsal with a little bit of Von Suppe’s “Light Cavalry” Overture, which is the ring tone on my mobile phone. At least I realised that it was my phone going off, so putting the “Light Cavalry” on there seems to have worked. I switched the phone off. I don’t know who called.

The other disruption to the rehearsal came when Malcolm got a bit too enthusiastic with his conducting and knocked the music off the leader’s stand! Things ground to a halt while sheet music was fielded off the floor, and before recommencing, the two at the front desk moved their chairs back a bit to keep out of Malcolm’s range.

Many people went back to Joyce’s place for lunch, but I came home, where Stephen was waiting for me. I had some seasoned grillsteaks in the fridge and we lunched of those, done in the George Foreman grill, with some sliced potatoes and a can of baked beans. I added a bit of coarse ground pepper to the top of the grillsteaks, but we didn’t think they were as good as peppered grillsteaks, so I’ll have to watch out for those in Asda.

Now I’ve got to do a bit of practising, as I’m attending the String Orchestra With Soloists session this evening and I will be the soloist in Hargrave I. When not being the soloist, there will be cello parts to play, and Malcolm assures me that I’ll be kept busy. I’ve been wondering whether there will be anything to sit out, as I could take my camera along tonight if I think I’ll get the chance to use it.

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