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Entry for June 07, 2007

Posted by HelenEdith on June 7, 2007

Today was notable because I did not have a car accident. I was leaving the M25 at Junction 29 like I do four mornings a week (unless I decide it’s an A13 sort of a day and leave at Junction 30 instead) and a Jaguar pulled across from the middle lane and attempted to occupy the same piece of slip road as I was occupying. Fortunately I saw him coming and took evasive action.

We had a fire drill at work. That’s the first one I’ve been involved in since being banished to Basildon. We all straggled out to the far side of the car park and then we all straggled back in again.

Ana Ivanovic beat Maria Sharapova in the first womens single semi-final at the French Open. Unfortunately Jelena Jankovic was unable to make it an all Serb final on Saturday as she was beaten by Justine Henin. I notice that although she has gone back to her maiden name that she is Madame Henin and not Mademoiselle Henin. I seem to remember that Chris Evert asked to be called Mrs Evert at Wimbledon one year after reverting to her maiden name following her divorce from John Lloyd.

Today’s picture was taken last Sunday afternoon in the herb garden at Hall Place. We sat down on a garden bench in there to take the weight off our feet and I’m sure that’s where something crawled up inside my trousers and took a nibble out of my thigh. I’ve still got the mark, but as miniskirts aren’t in fashion, it’s not where people can see it an offer sympathy… 😎

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