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Book Review: Heather Graham – Dead on the dance floor

Posted by HelenEdith on October 20, 2008

Heather Graham has written a couple of books using the characters Quinn O’Casey, a private investigator, and his younger brother Doug, who is a policeman. This one is set around a dance studio in Miami where Doug has been going for lessons. A star dancer associated with the studio (and with whom Doug had been having a relationship) drops dead on the dance floor in the middle of a competition and is found to have lethal levels of alcohol and prescription drugs in her body.

Doug thinks that there’s more to it than meets the eye, but the Police aren’t investigating further, so he asks his brother Quinn to take a look, and buys him some introductory dance lessons to give him a reason to be around the dance studio.

Quinn meets the studio manager, Shannon Mackay, and starts taking lessons with her. Shannon also thinks that there’s something suspicious about Lara’s death, and has become quite jumpy, both in the studio, where she starts hearing strange noises, and also at her home.

I found the movement of a couple of shadowy characters that you could never quite get an identity on a bit annoying in the plot. (It’s one of those books where the author knows slightly more than Quinn does.) However, it was a good enough story, and I didn’t work out who the bad guy was until the final pages.

Whether Quinn and Doug will feature in any more of Heather Graham’s books I don’t know, as they both have career changes in the final pages of the book. I don’t suppose that absolutely precludes them from popping up again though.

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