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Entry for November 06, 2008 – the 200SX is still sick

Posted by HelenEdith on November 6, 2008

I did some “hospital visiting” today: I went to the dealer and saw my 200SX.

She’s sitting outside Service Reception with a big DO NOT DRIVE card hanging from her mirror.

I removed my Dart Tag from the windscreen and a pair of my previous prescription of glasses from the console box, as I may have need of both before my 200 is better again.

I also picked up a courtesy car, a metallic blue automatic Nissan Micra on this year’s plates. Predictably, I got in and my left foot immediately sought the clutch! The controls on the Micra are in the same places as on my 200 and it is vastly better to drive than the Toyota Yaris I had last time I was without my 200. (On that occasion, the problem was what a Dutch lorry had done to her in a traffic jam.)

It is to be hoped that the intercooler currently on order from Holland will be all that’s needed. It’s hugely expensive, but less so than buying a different car, particularly as I’d never be able to afford another one so nice.

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Website update: Holiday Pictures – October, 2007 – Beamish Township

Posted by HelenEdith on September 14, 2008

After our ride on the steam train, we caught the anti-clockwise tram to the Township. There is a lot to see there, and we really didn’t get time to do it all justice, even though we missed out Pockerley Manor altogether.

I found the Township to be hugely nostalgic. I saw things that were still that way within my memories from the early 1960s, like the long counter in the grocer’s shop – and all the goods piled on shelves behind the counter with a movable ladder for the assistant to fetch them down. We also visited the draper, the garage, the sweet shop and the stationer’s – with the printer upstairs. I could go back and spend another day there easily!

My pictures are here: Helen Stephenson’s North East England Holiday Pictures – October, 2007 – Beamish Township

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