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Entry for August 08, 2008 – Full Orchestra

Posted by HelenEdith on August 8, 2008

The playing part of Marlowe Music Week came to an end this evening with a Full Orchestra session in our usual church hall, although many people are going to dinner next Sunday to round off the week. I’m awkward to feed, and I’m ducking out of that. I also didn’t make it to “Party Pieces” yesterday evening. I’d been out every evening since last Sunday, and decided that I needed an evening in.

This evening’s orchestral session started off with Schubert’s “Manfred” Overture, and then continued with Benjamin Britten’s Matinées musicales, after Rossini. I’d never seen the music to either of these pieces before, and wouldn’t mind having another go at them another time, but that isn’t really the point of Marlowe Music Week. We don’t rehearse pieces and perfect them: we take the music out of the library, play it for our own enjoyment, and then move on to the next piece.

We did the first movement of Dvorak’s 6th Symphony before the refreshment break, and then played the other three movements after stopping for tea, coffee or squash. The Scherzo was conducted by Nick (Malcolm’s and Sheila’s son) in one. Margaret (my fellow bassoonist) was a bit sceptical about whether we’d manage to read it through in one, but we did pretty well and only had to stop a couple of times to regroup.

As this was the last occasion when we would all gather, after the music was over for the evening, we had a speech from Jim Kelly, who thanked Malcolm and Sheila for their efforts in putting Marlowe Music Week together. He commented that we did it for £10 each, but if this week was put on by an organisation, it would probably cost over £200 each, and if it was put on by the Government, the cost would probably be nearer to £400 each! We did have to smile at the list of personnel that Jim said would be required, but he made the very good point that Malcolm and Sheila work very hard to pull the week together, and that we get unbelievable value.

Malcolm and Sheila were presented with theatre tokens and Sheila also received a large bunch of flowers. Gerry and Mary, who hosted a BBQ, received a bottle; and Arthur, the churchwarden received a small wrapped gift. Joyce, who hosted a lunch and “Party Pieces” usually receives a token of our thanks at her “Party Pieces” evening.


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Entry for August 10, 2007 – Full Orchestra

Posted by HelenEdith on August 10, 2007

Friday evening saw us gathered in the hall belonging to the Holy Redeemer Church in Days Lane, Sidcup for our final musical activity of Marlowe Music Week: Full Orchestra conducted by Malcolm’s son Nick.

The music on our stands consisted of Mozart’s Idomeneo Overture, arranged by Aubrey Winter, Sullivan’s Overture to The Yeomen of the Guard, Wagner’s Mastersinger’s Overture, and Dvorak’s 5th Symphony in F Major. The parts we were playing off predated the renumbering of Dvorak’s symphonies and proclaimed it to be his third, but that has been known to be incorrect for a good many years now. They were tattered dog-eared parts which have been through the hands of many musicians.

I nearly brought things to a halt during the Dvorak when I went to take a breath and my reed followed my lips instead of staying on my crook, and as I opened my mouth, the reed fell. I wasn’t wearing a skirt, so had nothing to catch it, and it went onto the floor and disappeared from sight. I dared not stand up to look for it for fear of stepping on it, but a sharp-eyed young trombonist behind me spotted it under my chair nestled up against my handbag. He leant forward and retrieved it and handed it back to me and as he sat back into his chair, he upset his music stand!

I gave the retrieved reed a bit of a wipe with my fingers, put it back on my crook and resumed playing. I hope they’ve cleaned the floor recently… 🙂

There was a presentation session after the tea break. Malcolm and Sheila got theatre ticket vouchers in recognition of their hard work in making the Music Week happen. There was also recognition for Mary, the hostess of Thursday’s barbecue, and for the various people who had served refreshments and washed up afterwards. Joyce, who was our “Party Pieces” hostess, and also hostessed a lunch on Tuesday, received a token of our appreciation at the end of the “Party Pieces” evening.

Stephen took along a laptop which I had loaded up with the pictures we’ve taken during the week, and it was a popular gathering point during the tea break. I think my website will be getting a few hits over the next few days. I’d better get Stephen’s pictures online!

Today’s picture is one that Stephen took during the Full Orchestra session. It shows the two bass players; who were both wearing blue shirts, the bassoon section consisting of Margaret and myself; and most of the brass section.

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