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Book Review: Virginia Andrews – Celeste

Posted by HelenEdith on April 8, 2009

(Book One of the Gemini series)

This is my first attempt to read Virginia Andrews and I got a quarter of the way through this book before deciding to abandon it.

Twins Celeste and Noble are the children of a mother obsessed with New Age superstitions. According to the book jacket, Noble’s death in a tragic accident pushes the mother over the edge and she tries to turn Celeste into Noble. Celeste doesn’t re-emerge as herself until a boy moves in next door.

Well I’ve got a quarter of the way through the book and Celeste and Noble are still engaged in childish bickering and we don’t seem to be anywhere near the events about which the book is supposed to turn.

Maybe I ought to go back and try and read a few more chapters, but it’s due back at the library and I really don’t feel like extending it and giving it another chance.


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Book Review: Celeste Bradley – One Night With a Spy

Posted by HelenEdith on May 26, 2007

This is a historical romance which turns out to be part of a series, and I did occasionally feel while reading it that it would have been better had I read the earlier books first.

The story is about Lady Julia Barrowby, who has been substituting for her late husband as “The Fox” in “The Royal Four”, a set of spies loyal to England. Now that she is a widow, she wishes to claim her place officially as “The Fox”. The other members of “The Royal Four” are horrified that Lord Barrowby should have made his bride into his apprentice, and want very much to discredit Lady Julia.

Enter Marcus Ramsay, Lord Dryden, who expected to take the seat of “The Fox” in “The Royal Four”. He goes to Julia’s home to check out the lie of the land and to gather evidence to discredit her claim, and falls in love with Julia.

Julia also has other problems: someone is trying to sabotage her estate, and Julia goes on the run with the fairground people, with whom she lived prior to becoming Lady Barrowby.

As it’s a romance, we all know that it’s going to end all right, and sure enough, Marcus and Julia do end up together.

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