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Website Update: Hever Castle Pictures, 20th December 2009

Posted by HelenEdith on December 26, 2009

Hever Castle at Christmas

I’ve uploaded some more images taken at Hever Castle, and they can now be viewed on my website by visiting Helen Stephenson’s Hever Castle Pictures, 20th December 2009.

My website was hacked a while ago 😳 and was showing up on the search engines as an attack site, but I think I’ve sorted it all out now. Do drop me a comment if things are still showing up with warnings – I wouldn’t want you to click on anything dangerous! However, what I have just uploaded should be perfectly safe, as should my Chatham Dockyard Pictures – September 10th, 2006 – which were uploaded after the problem occurred, albeit before I found and got rid of all the nasties from existing pages.

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Website update: Windsor & Eton Pictures

Posted by HelenEdith on December 1, 2007

I took the day off last Thursday to go to Windsor to meet an American friend who was in Windsor on business.

The weather was nice and I deliberately arrived early so as to have time for some photography.

One thing I hadn’t realised was that Eton is just a walk across a footbridge away from Windsor. I couldn’t help but realise it when I crossed the footbridge and a big Christmas banner proclaimed “Welcome to Eton”!

Anyway, I got a few late afternoon pictures, photographed the sunset and the twilight and found some pretty Christmas lights in Eton to take pictures of. I made sure I got the obligatory picture of Windsor Castle, too!

My pictures are here: Helen Stephenson’s Windsor & Eton Pictures, 28th November 2007

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