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Entry for March 15, 2009 – Crises in Chislehurst

Posted by HelenEdith on March 15, 2009

We are still without heating. It was supposed to be fixed last Thursday but the engineer who was due to do it called in sick. I phoned the plumber on Friday, but by then they had two out sick. I have an appointment for tomorrow. I hope the engineer booked for the job is fit and well.

At least it was warm today and we didn’t have to run the fan heaters continuously. It still gets cold at night and Stephen’s really feeling the cold. He found an additional fan heater so now we’ve got one in the living room, one in my study and one in our bedroom and we don’t have to keep unplugging them and moving them around.

This morning I was supposed to be playing wind quintets with the girls at Sutton Valence. I got everything in the car and set out up the road and decided that I could hear noises which weren’t coming from the car radio, so I turned off the car radio and listened and sure enough, I could hear a crunching noise.

So I came back around the block. Stephen was on the driveway and he’d heard the noise when I left, so wasn’t too surprised by my return. He got in the car with me and we drove up the road with the windows down for a listen and isolated the noise to the exhaust system, which after 10 years, had picked today to let go. 😦 So I missed my trip to Sutton Valence, as Stephen didn’t want to think about what would happen if the whole exhaust came off. He later decided that it had enough anchorages that it would just make a big noise, use lots of fuel, and hopefully not do drastic things to the turbo, but he didn’t decide that in time for me to make the 60-mile round trip to Sutton Valence.

Being a somewhat unusual car, I decided not to just front up at the nearest KwitFit but to phone around first. I got a consistent story: bring it in for a look-see so that we know what it is and we’ll order it in for tomorrow. Stephen wanted to come with me for the look-see and I wanted him to come, too, because if I order something that he doesn’t approve of, I won’t hear the end of it.

So we duly took the car for a look-see and it needs the central and rear parts of the exhaust replaced. KwikFit will make some calls in the morning. I’m not altogether optimisitic that they will locate the spare parts by tomorrow, so I suspect that getting it fixed might have to wait until the next time I’m home-working later in the week.

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Entry for May 11, 2007

Posted by HelenEdith on May 11, 2007

This morning the traffic reports were unbelievably good – and they lived up to expectations. I wasn’t quite so lucky on the way home, as there was an “incident” between J29 and J30 of the M25, so I decided to use the A13 and join the M25 at J30. Unfortunately, they were replacing armco on the A13 and there was a bottleneck where the traffic had to merge into one lane. Fortunately I was soon past that and traffic was flowing so freely on the M25 when I joined that I wondered whether I should have taken my usual route up the A127 to J29 after all.

It looks like being a wet weekend, which is a shame, because the Ravens Wood Custom & Classic Car Show & Fayre 2007 is on this Sunday, and we’d enjoy going so long as we aren’t going to get wet through. It’s also Mr Punch’s birthday this weekend, so there will be lots of Punch & Judy Shows at Covent Garden. That’s also probably more interesting if the weather co-operates.

Today’s picture is one I came across when hunting out yesterday’s picture; and with a new Harry Potter book due out any day now, I thought a line of Anglias was quite topical. 🙂

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Entry for April 30, 2007

Posted by HelenEdith on April 30, 2007

This is going to be a quick entry as it’s past bedtime!

I had an uneventful drive both to and from work, and put in a full day in the office.

There now appear to be at least two people after my Opel Manta GT/E. I must get back to the guy who put a note through my door recently; and if he doesn’t pan out, there’s at least one guy from the Opel Manta Owners Club who’s interested. That’s a far cry from five years ago, when it was difficult to even give a Manta away!

I’ve found out that the Ravens Wood Custom & Classic Car Show & Fayre 2007 is on Sunday 13th May and that my 1999 Nissan 200SX is old enough to show! I’m sorely tempted to enter it, tip a bucket of water over it the day before, and take it along! In fact, if I had a month to prepare, maybe I’d see about getting the Manta MOTed, taxed and insured and take that along, too! Except then it would be even harder to part with her, and I really can’t afford to run her. I wish I could, though.

Today’s picture was taken two years ago at the Ravens Wood show and is of the bonnet of a Pugeot.

Oh, and the bread pudding has improved with a bit of age on it. I took a piece to work for my lunch and the spices have mellowed. It’s also become a little soft and squishy. Lovely!

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