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The strangest picture I’ve yet taken of Rolo

Posted by HelenEdith on October 18, 2009

Rolo with the oddest expression

Rolo with the oddest expression

Rolo and Monty enjoy climbing up under the central heating boiler. We’ve more or less stopped Rolo from doing it, because he isn’t much of a jumper and we’ve taken away his “stepping stone” articles, but Monty is an excellent jumper and can still reach these places.

Here is Rolo on an occasion when he was up there and was walking along the top of the microwave. I’m not sure whether he was mewing or just had his mouth open, but this is certainly an odd picture of him!

Rolo being his kittenish self

Rolo being his kittenish self

This one, however, is Rolo being his usual photogenic self. 🙂


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