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Website update: Holiday Pictures – October, 2007 – Dales, waterfalls and a floodlit church

Posted by HelenEdith on October 26, 2008

I’ve been busy editing my holiday pictures from last year and have now completed and uploaded the rest of the pictures of our Wednesday activities and all the pictures of our Thursday activities.

We visited a waterfall on each of those days: on Wednesday we saw Janet’s Foss near Malham, which falls into a crystal clear plunge pool; while on Thursday we went to Aysgarth, where the Falls are divided into Upper, Middle and Lower, with water coloured by peat descending over limestone pavements.

Along the way, we took in the scenery in the nearby dales; we saw vibrant red creeper putting on its autumn show on the walls of the pub in Malham; and we stopped to photograph a floodlit church at East Witton.

My pictures are spread out over three linked pages, but they can be individually visited from the following links:
Helen Stephenson’s Yorkshire Holiday Pictures – October, 2007 – Littondale and Malham
Helen Stephenson’s Yorkshire Holiday Pictures – October, 2007 – Wensleydale and Aysgarth
Helen Stephenson’s Yorkshire Holiday Pictures – October, 2007 – East Witton

Here are some pictures of interest to be found within these pages:

Littondale, with its limestone outcroppings

Vibrant red creeper on the walls of the pub in Malham

The stream feeding Janet’s Foss races through mini rapids

Janet’s Foss waterfall, with its crystal clear plunge pool

Wensleydale barn with weather moving in on the hillside behind

The Upper Falls at Aysgarth, where the peat in the water has resulted in blonde cascades

The Middle Falls at Aysgarth, which cascade over a series of steep steps

The woodland trail linking the Middle and Lower Falls

The Lower Falls at Aysgarth, racing down over a series of widely spaced limestone stairs

The floodlit church at East Witton, caught at that twilight moment just before darkness becomes absolute

A stained glass panel from the east window

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