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Herald Scotland Cryptic Crossword – Mon 05Apr2010 – help needed

Posted by HelenEdith on April 5, 2010

I’m stuck on two answers in today’s Herald Scotland Cryptic Crossword..

Today’s Herald Scotland crossword wasn’t too difficult overall, but I am left with two words that I can’t get.


I did have recourse to the dictionary for 18 down –

During break call up mum [8]

The answer, when I tracked it down, is RETICENT, which is RENT (break) and CITE (backwards, as call is ‘up’) making mum as in “keep mum”.

I also started looking up the dictionary for 22 down –

Water tower includes a receptacle for pipes [6]

The dictionary started showing a lot of results ending in ING and I suddenly realised before getting as far as ‘T’ that the word was TUBING. I had to think for a moment about why, but a water tower is a TUG – i.e. something which tows in the water, and not a tower with a water tank on top at all 🙂 , and of course a receptacle is a BIN.


Anyway, the two that I can’t finish off are these:

4 across – Short skirt pretty girl’s about to make shorter [8]

_ I _ I _ I _ _

8 down – Distribute information for the press [4,3]

_ _ N _ ¦ O _ T

The first letter of 8 down is the last letter of 4 across.

I’m assuming that a short skirt is a MINI and I originally thought that the answer might be MINIMISE, but that didn’t fit with 8 down which is likely to be either HAND OUT or possibly BANG OUT. I can’t think of anything that fits 4 across that ends in either B or H and a dictionary search has proved fruitless. I think “pretty girl’s about” might mean that the last 4 letters of 4 across mean “pretty girl” but need to be arranged backwards to form the rest of the answer to 4 across, but maybe I’ve got the whole thing totally wrong and the word doesn’t even start with MINI.



One Response to “Herald Scotland Cryptic Crossword – Mon 05Apr2010 – help needed”

  1. HelenEdith said

    The answer to 4 across turns out to be DIMINISH, which features MINI as short skirt and DISH as pretty girl. The pretty girl is about the short skirt, rather than being reversed. Then my answer to 8 down of HAND OUT fits in perfectly!

    Thanks to Buff and to Rob, who both came up with DIMINISH for me. 🙂

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