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Monty in profile

Posted by HelenEdith on December 6, 2009

Monty watching alertly through mere slits in his eyes

Monty watching alertly through mere slits in his eyes

Monty is not the easiest cat to photograph. According to standard photography advice, the camera’s light meter should “think” he’s grey and over-expose him, but it doesn’t do that. I regularly get under-exposed pictures of Monty. I think he’s so shiny that the light meter isn’t seeing “black” at all but is just seeing a light reflection.

Anyway, I captured this picture of Monty looking up at something – probably a cobweb, knowing him – and the state of our house! 😀 As usual, it needed a little work in PhotoShop to ensure that Monty wasn’t just a black blob. That didn’t work all that well, so I just cropped this profile portrait out of the much larger original picture.

I did like seeing Monty with his eyes contracted down to mere slits: because he lives indoors, his eyes are often big and black. That’s a typical Monty look, but it’s nice to see this look at well.


2 Responses to “Monty in profile”

  1. Cathy said

    I really like this photo of Monty, which isn’t surprising. You’re a very good photographer, and I tend to prefer black cats. 🙂

    • HelenEdith said

      Thankyou Cathy!

      Monty is a lovely kitten and Stephen’s having a hard time thinking about getting him neutered. He reckons that Monty would throw gorgeous kittens, and he’s probably right.

      Sadly, not everybody shares your preference for black cats, so I don’t think Monty would be in demand as a stud, however intelligent he is and however good his temperament is.

      Plus he’s meant to be a pet; and “pet” and “tomcat” probably don’t go together in the same sentence…

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