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Five months old and growing fast

Posted by HelenEdith on December 6, 2009

Monty on the sofa

I had a few weeks when I didn’t take any pictures of Rolo or Monty. After they returned from the cattery, Monty was very thin, and I suppose I should have recorded that, but I didn’t. However, he’s gained back the weight he lost; and when we weighed them both by putting them in a carrier bag suspended from a spring balance, they each weighed 2.5kg. It’s encouraging that Monty’s caught back up with Rolo again, as we thought that Monty was smaller, but it’s probably just as the vet says: that his black colour makes him appear smaller.

Having taken some pictures, they then stayed in the camera for a couple of weeks, but I had an uploading session and found I had several photos to share in my next few blog posts.

I took this picture at a bit of a weird angle and I’ve rotated it slightly. Monty was lying on the sofa looking relaxed. He likes lying in my place on the sofa, and when I’m sitting there, he likes lying in my lap instead. He’s much more of a lap cat than Rolo, although I do occasionally get Rolo. Rolo tends not to stay for as long, though.

This afternoon, I had both of them in my lap! Rolo climbed on first and was occupying most of the space, when Monty decided to climb on and settled on top of Rolo. Eventually Rolo decided he’d had enough and slithered out from underneath, leaving a rather satisfied looking Monty in sole possession of the lap!


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