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Such clear-eyed innocence!

Posted by HelenEdith on September 25, 2009

'Mr Innocent' Monty

'Mr Innocent' Monty

Monty can wear the most innocent of expressions, but I have my suspicions that he was the first one up the towels and onto the bathroom windowsill today. The first I knew of it was when I heard the thump all the way downstairs in my study as some of the items previously stored on the said bathroom windowsill started to occupy a new position on the bathroom floor.

I took exception to the towels being among the items now residing on the bathroom floor, and decided to exclude the kittens until we’ve had a good tidy-up, because now they can get on the towel rail and the windowsill, they can also get on the vanity, and I hate to think what chaos they can wreak on there! 😉


2 Responses to “Such clear-eyed innocence!”

  1. Angela. said

    I didn’t notice Monty had a white flash on his chest before now. How are his stripes coming along?

    • HelenEdith said

      Yes, he’s always had that – and he has an increasingly grey area under his chin leading down to the little white flash.

      It depends on how you view him as to how his stripes appear. If you view him from his head (so in the direction of his fur) he looks fairly black, but if you view him from the side or the back, there are lots of stripes. When you part his fur, only the ends are dark. His roots are mostly grey. Maybe he’ll end up silver with stripes or maybe he’ll stay dark. It’s interesting watching.

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