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Rolo and Monty are becoming distinct personalities

Posted by HelenEdith on September 21, 2009

Rolo and Monty on the sofa

Rolo and Monty on the sofa

Rolo and Monty like curling up together, and they have taken a liking to “Mum”‘s place on the sofa. 🙂 It isn’t unusual to see one kitten almost on top of the other, as in these pictures, where Monty is the kitten on top. Monty will also do this if Rolo is on my lap and Monty wants the spot. He doesn’t do anything drastic: just sits on Rolo until he moves a bit and then gradually takes over the lap position until he’s in his favourite position along the channel created by my thighs. This is a position which is safer when I am wearing a skirt: if I go to sleep on the sofa with Monty in this position and my legs flop apart when wearing trousers, Monty is apt to get deposited onto the floor!

Rolo and Monty on the sofa

Rolo and Monty on the sofa

Monty is still the silent kitten. He can make himself heard if he wishes to, but generally he doesn’t wish to very often unless he strongly disagrees with something, like the day when he had something unspeakable on his back paw and I decided to wash it off for him! He had plenty to say about that – and also has a great deal to be said about being confined to the cat carrier.

However, it’s Rolo who has the more frequently used vocabulary. He’s been doing a purry chirp almost ever since he came to live here. It seems to be a call to Monty. Occasionally Monty makes the same noise, but it’s usually Rolo.

Rolo has also perfected the tiny and pitiful meow. This has to be loud enough to be heard, but soft enough to give the impression that he’s small and defenceless and probably neglected! I’m occasionally the recipient, but Stephen has been getting it when he shuts himself in the back bedroom where his computer is. Rolo and Monty are not allowed in there as there are things in there which they could damage, and they therefore badly want to get in there. They know Stephen is in there and Rolo turns on the little mews until Stephen can stand it no longer and emerges to see what’s the matter with Rolo. 🙂

Monty is the smart kitten. As well as knowing how to make Rolo move over for him without Rolo realising that he’s doing it, Monty is the one that understands the finer points of litter tray etiquette and how you need to turn around to where your bum was before starting to cover up. Rolo still hasn’t quite got the idea of that! Peeuuuw!

When it comes to food, Rolo prefers moist food, although he will have a bit of dry food. Monty is getting through a lot of dry food, and sometimes walks away when offered moist food. One of them drops IAMS in the water dish, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s Rolo. He’s the one that picks his food up to eat it outside of his feed bowl. It’s odd that it’s mostly IAMS that ends up in the water dish. Maybe its 4-pointed star shape is harder to manage than the shapes of some of the other dry foods. I’ve stopped offering IAMS for the moment. I don’t need to, as there are plenty of other choices available – and many of them are in this house, as our pussycats seem to be getting nothing but the best. They are dining on a choice of Hills Science Plan, James Wellbeloved, Royal Canin and Purina One. Today, they had cleaned up practically all that was down for them – and it was a not inconsiderable amount. Their capacity is definitely expanding!

2 Responses to “Rolo and Monty are becoming distinct personalities”

  1. Alison said

    Although Monty is a boy, he definitely reminds me of what Mitten was like when she was a little kitten. She also has those beautiful markings.

    I am glad that the two kittens are such good companions. I wonder whether they eat from the same dish. We all remember how funny it was the day we got the sisters, and we put out some kitten food form Ginny and Mitten. Much to our surprise, there was a very definite growl from Ginny as Mitten approached the food bowl! We had assumed that they’d tuck in together, but we had to provide separate serves!


    • HelenEdith said

      They have separate food bowls. It started because we had a cat food bowl which I realised wasn’t large enough for both of them; and I didn’t want to use a huge bowl and just put a tiny amount on it. Of course, when Monty was taking antibiotics, it was just as well they did have separte bowls, as Monty’s had to be “doctored”. 🙂

      We give them kitten milk as a treat sometimes and they are just able to both fit their heads into that and will lap together. I have never heard either one growl or hiss in the time they have been with us. They are developing a vocabulary, but so far it hasn’t included a growl or a hiss. I’ve also never seen them with their fur really standing on end. Monty’s tail was a bit bottlebrushed one day during a play fight; and one day he must have been having a scary dream as his tail bottlebrushed while he was asleep.

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