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Brotherly love – or a stranglehold?

Posted by HelenEdith on September 12, 2009

Is this brotherly love or does Rolo look as if he'd like Monty to unhand him?

Is this brotherly love or does Rolo look as if he'd like Monty to unhand him?

Rolo and Monty love playing together. Sometimes they chase each others’ tails; sometimes they get nose to tail and each one attempts to rake his hind legs over the other’s face (violent little kitty-cats, aren’t they! but they seem to know how far to go not to hurt each other) and sometimes we get a situation like this where one or both get their front paws around the other’s neck.

Monty is the smaller of the pair, but he can definitely hold his own in exchanges of this nature. In this case, it looks to me as if Rolo is coming off the worst: he looks decidedly less happy than Monty does. One would almost think that he’s desperate for the pressure around his neck to be eased!

2 Responses to “Brotherly love – or a stranglehold?”

  1. Alison said

    Hello Helen

    Monty’s colour scheme reminds be about how Mitten developed from being a back kitten into possibly a dark torty.

    Our “black” cat, Mitten, who is now 7 1/2 years old, had a little brown spot on one paw when we got her, aged 6 weeks. It wasn’t long before other “rogue colouring” became apparent. Someone at the local vet has called her a dark tortois-shell. Mitten is black at a distance, but has lovely red tabby markings, and also some white strands of fur.


    • HelenEdith said

      Monty’s stripes seem to become more apparent every day.

      I think he’s going to retain a black dorsal stripe and probably a black tail, as you can part his coat there and it stays dark to the roots; but just about anywhere else, his coat is silver when you part it, so it will be interesting to see if he goes lighter or not.

      He can do a good bottlebrush with his tail, but I’ve only see it twice. Once was when he was play-fighting with Rolo; and the other time he was on my lap asleep and I think he must have been dreaming! There’s not a lot in our house to cause a kitten to bottlebrush his tail in the normal course of events.


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