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A leopard doesn’t change its spots…

Posted by HelenEdith on September 11, 2009

…but is Monty changing his stripes…?

Monty reclining on some soft blankets in the warm light spot by the front door

Monty reclining on some soft blankets in the warm light spot by the front door

When we got him, Monty was a black kitten with some faint tabby markings where the black wasn’t quite as black.

After two weeks, those markings are becoming much more noticeable and even his black bits aren’t as black.

Could we be raising a dark chocolate tabby? I’m sure he’s going to be a handsome cat however he turns out, but a dark chocolate tabby would be quite unusual.

He is the silent kitten. While his brother has quite a repertoire of squeaks and chirps, Monty (unless he’s burning off energy and bounding around) can ghost silently around the house and just suddenly appear.

He does have a voice, though, and I can guarantee that when I take Rolo and Monty to see Laura the vet for their injections that it will be Monty that protests the loudest about being in the moving car. I think his protests are more to do with the motion of the car than with being in the cat carrier: we have left the cat carrier out and sometimes the kittens go in there to sleep.

One thing I can say about Rolo and Monty is that I have never heard either of them growl or hiss, even when play-fighting or being fed. Monty is turning into a dab hand at eating out of one food bowl and standing over the other so that Rolo can’t eat out of it, so I’m having to space their bowls out a bit more. I don’t think Rolo is starving though. He was the larger kitten when he joined our household and he’s still the larger kitten. In fact, I’m going to ask Laura if I’m feeding him too much when I see her tomorrow. I want them to grow, but I don’t want to feed them so much that they run to fat on some of it!

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