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A little extra attention for Monty

Posted by HelenEdith on September 5, 2009

Portrait of Monty - this really captures his Monty-ness

Portrait of Monty - this really captures his Monty-ness

Here’s a picture of Monty, taken without a flash. It’s a bit noisy, but it captures the essence of little Monty and it’s one to tug at your heartstrings.

Monty’s been a bit poorly. He’s been sneezing a bit, and when he didn’t want his breakfast on Thursday, I decided that he should make the acquaintance of Laura at our local branch of ParkVets sooner rather than later. I’d intended on waiting until I had more time at the weekend, but he and Rolo went to see Laura on Thursday afternoon instead.

Monty’s gender has been confirmed as male, so he really is a he! There was never much doubt about Rolo’s gender, but we weren’t absolutely sure about Monty. 🙂 They were a day too young for their first injections, and in any case Laura didn’t want to give Monty an injection because she confirmed that he had a respiratory infection, for which he came home with pink antibiotic tablets. Laura also found out when she listened to his chest that he has a heart murmur, but she says that he may grow out of that. It isn’t slowing him down right now.

Laura told us to split the pink pills in half and crush each half and mix with a bit of food. That worked on Thursday evening, but didn’t work so well yesterday morning, as he wasn’t interested in his breakfast again. 😦 I had to hide the “doctored” food away and present it again later when his appetite had improved. (Which it did.)

The interesting thing about dosing one kitten and not the other is segregating them until Monty has had his medicine. I tried shutting Rolo in the hall, but he cried to be let back in, and immediately went to the litter tray, so he may have wanted to get back in for more than one reason. 🙂 I’ve also tried shutting Rolo in the cat carrier until Monty has consumed his antibiotic, but last night I just picked him up. Rolo likes being cuddled so much that he forgot that Monty appeared to be getting food that he was excluded from!

This morning I didn’t attempt to give Monty his medicine with his breakfast, and so he counfounded me by eating his breakfast! He’s been running around the hall playing with Rolo, so he should be working up an appetite for his next meal, which will be doctored. 🙂

Laura also sent Rolo and Monty home with their first flea and worm treatment. This was not a moment too soon, as I noticed a “visitor” on Rolo, and had been suspicious of their presence due to a bit of scratching going on. The treatment was easy to apply – it just had to be put onto the backs of their necks. I think I managed to aim better with Monty than Rolo, whose treatment ended up nearer his withers than his neck, but I think it was out of grooming reach, which was the main thing.

Monty having a close look at Andy Murray

Monty having a close look at Andy Murray

Monty continues to like the tennis. Rolo shows no interest in the television, but Monty loves it. He’s quite discerning though: he watches the tennis but ignores the commercial breaks! 😀 We could have a clever cat on our hands!

2 Responses to “A little extra attention for Monty”

  1. Alison said

    Hello Helen and Stephen

    Your new kittens look adorable. I hope that Monty gets well very soon. He seems very sweet. I am glad that you have a Red Tabby – and Rolo certainly seems to be good company.

    I told our local vet about your new kittens and she gave me a couple of toy mice to send to them. Sophia opened the packet, not knowing that they were to be sent to you, and now I’ve got to locate the packet and send it on to you. I am sure that you can get “mice” locally, but these are pretty light-weight.

    I still haven’t got around to photographing and sending you pictures of our cat tunnel which is above the garden between the house and the garage, and also our cat fencing, which is really zoo fencing. The top part of the fence is on an angle inwards.

    Our cats are all well. Leopard is now neutered. The three boys hang out together a lot. They are all different ages, but are quite companiable and love playing chasey, in the house or garden.

    I can’t access my Picknowl mail at present because of computer problems. Incidentally, when I was searching for your kittens, I saw that you also have had computer-internet problems. I hope that these are now resolved.


    • HelenEdith said

      Hello Alison

      Yes, we can get “mice” locally! They have three, but their favourite is the one with the bell on its tail. 🙂

      I’m going to have to have a word with my ISP. The broadband has been very slow during afternoons and it’s gone down between 8pm and 9pm for about the past 5 nights and stayed down until the wee small hours. 😡

      Monty wanted to climb my skirt this morning when I was trying to get ready for work. He has to learn not to climb his humans, as he has very sharp little claws. Unlike Rolo, who mostly keeps his claws sheathed, Monty’s default claw position seems to be out!

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