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A trip to Hair Plann

Posted by HelenEdith on August 29, 2009

Fresh from the hairdresser, August 2009

Fresh from the hairdresser, August 2009

I have just been to my local hairdresser, where my hair was cut by a nice Russian stylist. She took the time to look at my hair and discuss styles with me before she set to work, and I have ended up with a layered bob rather than the crop that I was originally leaning towards.

So long as it fulfils the requirements of giving my hair enough body; not blowing into my eyes when I’m outdoors doing photography; or into my mouth while I’m outdoors playing on bandstands I don’t really mind exactly how short it is, and this undoubtedly suits me better than going super-short.

I’ve also been told to come back in about 3 weeks for a free fringe trim, as she wants to change the shape of my fringe, but it wasn’t long enough to do today. She’s told me not to go trimming my fringe for myself, but to go back and let her do it! Phrases like “promise you won’t put scissors near your fringe” were uttered, so I think she definitely means it. 🙂


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