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Old but good: The hazards of outdoor playing

Posted by HelenEdith on August 25, 2009

I’ve been looking back through the contents of my Writings Page and found this:

4th May, 1998

I thought that I would share what happened to me today with you all, as you will probably get a smile out of it.

I have just been playing with the Beckenham Concert Band at a church fete. The band was set up under some trees. Part way through our performance, something wet landed on my arm. I hoped against hope that it was a drip of water off one of the trees, but when we got to the end of the number we were playing, and I had a chance to look, alas, it was not water which had landed upon my sleeve. I was in the direct firing line of a bird. 😯 Just what I wanted to fall foul of. 😉 The saxophone player sitting to my right said that she saw what landed on me go by her at an angle, and counted herself lucky that she didn’t lean forward at that moment! I was relieved that it landed on me and not my instrument.

I suppose that this is the ideal time to share an old schoolyard ditty with you:

A little birdie flying high
Once dropped a message from the sky.
And as it fell upon my eye
I thanked the Lord that cows can’t fly!

Helen (off to do some washing)

Just as well we didn’t have the purple jackets back in those days: it might have meant a trip to the dry cleaner…


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