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Just when my feet are sore…

Posted by HelenEdith on August 20, 2009

Stephen's Reliant Rialto 3-wheeler

Stephen's Reliant Rialto 3-wheeler

I knew that there was a reason why I’d stopped wearing my mail-order black shoes and started wearing my trainers into the office and changing into something else when I got there, but I was thinking that it was just because the weather was hot and I wanted to wear sandals.

Well today I had to visit a customer, so I wanted to make an effort with my appearance; and I was also a little concerned that it might rain and I’d get caught outdoors in the wet in my sandals, so I wore the black shoes today.

That was fine until this evening, when I suddenly noticed the time, realised that I’d been carried away by my own enthusiasm, and that if I got out of the office quickly, I’d be able to make it to Cannon Street just in time to catch a train home.

I set off briskly in the direction of Cannon Street, and by the time I was part way along Gracechurch Street, I realised that brisk walking and the black shoes don’t go together and that I was in line for a blister across the top of my foot.

Anyway, I made it to Cannon Street in time and caught the train and then phoned Stephen up to see if he’d save me the walk up the hill as my feet were hurting. He agreed to meet me at the station; and as he usually parks some distance down the Station Approach, I wasn’t unduly worried when I didn’t spot the Reliant straight away until I looked right down to the bottom of the Station Approach and saw the Reliant with the door open and Stephen pushing. 😯 The $*@@£& starter motor has failed again. 👿

So we both walked up the hill; Stephen changed out of his white shirt, and then we took my car down to the station. Stephen jacked his up and attempted to bang the starter motor and unstick it, but nothing worked and I was getting really worried that he was going to get run over where he was lying mostly not under his car, so we went over to plan B and towed the Reliant home and then pushed her mostly onto our steep driveway.

The day when we can dispense with her and Stephen can drive a normal car cannot come soon enough…


2 Responses to “Just when my feet are sore…”

  1. Buff said

    I didn’t know any of those sort of “cars” were still allowed on the roads. I know they’re not allowed here … actually, they’re not really cars, are they? I think they’re classified as three-wheeler motor bikes with a cover on them. I know you only need a motor bike Licence to drive them.

    • HelenEdith said

      They’re most certainly still allowed in the UK – and if you go to places in India and the Far East, you will find lots of 3-wheeled vehicles. They use them as taxis, apart from anything else!

      It is true that a 3-wheeler is classified as a trike and you can drive it on a motorcycle licence. A lot of bikers who no longer want to get in the saddle but who have never gone for their full car licence drive them. They even restarted Reliant production a few years ago, but I’m unsure whether it’s still continuing now.

      Actually, due to European standardisation and some of the odder rules that the French have with regard to driving licences, there is actually a weight limit on what you can drive with a motorcycle licence. Trikes are OK, but so are four-wheeled vehicles below a minimum weight. There’s a dealer down in Chatham who sells four-wheeled micro minis which don’t require a full car licence to drive them. As with the Reliant, they’re a bit specialised and trained service personnel and spare parts are not as widely available as for the more standard cars on the road, so we really don’t want to go down that route, but some obviously do, as the Chatham dealer is still in business as far as I know.

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