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Marlowe Music Week 2009: Thursday classical orchestra

Posted by HelenEdith on August 13, 2009

The Marlowe Ensemble gathered this morning for a classical orchestra session. This music does not require clarinets, so one clarinettist stayed home to get the BBQ hot for those people who were adjourning for a BBQ after the orchestra session, while the other clarinettist brought his double bass instead.

We commenced with Schubert’s Symphony No.5 in B major. I think I may have played it before, as it seemed familiar. As one who took up orchestral playing relatively late in life (in my mid-thirties) there are large gaps in my orchestral playing experience which the “old hands” who have been playing since their childhoods don’t have. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed playing the Schubert.

Then we stopped for a refreshment break – and also to allow the first oboe to nip back to his house as he’d taken his parts home to study and had arrived with only two of the three pieces that we were intending to play. 😳 Malcolm’s comment was that he should never lend parts from a set! At least we knew where the first oboe part was and reunited it with the rest of the set, which is more than can be said for the stray bassoon part I came across tucked inside one of my other pieces of sheet music. I asked Malcolm if he’d put it there intentionally, but he hadn’t. We just hope it came from the same library as the bassoon part it was tucked inside of, or it might be very difficult to reunite it with the rest of its set of parts.

After tea, coffee and biscuits had been consumed, we reconvened, and with all the music present, we played through Mozart’s Symphony No.36 and then Haydn’s Symphony No.98. This latter piece gave me a couple of interesting moments, as the first bassoon part had a cigar burn through it and I had some rather charred notes to decipher!

Now I’m having the afternoon to chill out in; and possibly to look at some music for tomorrow. I finished my diced turkey, having yet another “compost heap”, but reverting to sweet chilli sauce; and tomorrow I will probably move on to beef sausages for lunch, as I have a pack of them waiting in the fridge.


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