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Marlowe Music Week 2009: Monday chamber music

Posted by HelenEdith on August 11, 2009

I got a lie-in this morning, as the string players had a string orchestra session in the morning, but the wind players didn’t have an activity planned. I finished reading the Nora Roberts book I’ve been devouring over the past few days (and will post a book review, possibly next week) did the cryptic crossword out of The Glasgow Herald and did the Greater than killer from my favourite killer sudoku site. I got the greater than killer sudoku solved, but had a couple of left-over clues for the cryptic crossword.

This evening I was in a mixed wind and string group at Terry’s place, where we played nonets. I actually counted more than nine people present, and wonder whether the two violins were doubling on the same part. There was also an extra clarinettist, but he was conducting, which was something of a necessity for a group of that size playing music with which they were not very familiar. 🙂

The music we played was:

  • Mme Louise Farrenc – Nonetto Op.38
  • C.V.Stanford – Serenade in F Op.95 (1905)
  • Josef Rheinberger – Nonet Op.139

Jeanne-Louise Farrenc-Dumont | Classical Composers Database is an informative article about Mme Louise Farrenc. She lived from 1804-1875 and became a professor of music, no mean achievement for a 19th Century woman! We enjoyed her music, and will probably try and persuade Terry to make it available again next year.

The evening at Terry’s finished very agreeably with a nice sociable supper where we enjoyed a glass of wine or fruit juice and a few nibbles.


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