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Glasgow Herald Cryptic Crossword, Thursday 23rd July

Posted by HelenEdith on July 24, 2009

I generally do the cryptic crossword in the Glasgow Herald on weekdays. I usually get most of the way through it, although I have occasional days when I don’t even do well enough for it to be worth comparing notes with Buff in Australia.

However Thursday July 23rd was one of those days when I got the crossword right out! Yes, I answered every last clue, and I think I can even give you the explanation for all of them.

I’ll just add some spoiler space in case you’re still working on the crossword and you don’t want to see the answers just yet, and then I’m going to explain the whole thing… 😀

I won’t do this every day, as the Herald might take a dim view, but an occasional foray into how to solve their crossword seems like an interesting side-trip for my blog to make.






















1 Research establishment for political party speech-making [10]


political party = LAB
speech-making = ORATORY
I was also entertained that this reads as LAB OR A TORY

6 Break off for a photograph [4]


double meaning

10 Went out with Father Ted [5]


father = DA

11 Vile attack [9]


double meaning

12 Creates chaos about a source of garbled communications [8]


chaos = MESSES
a = A
source of garbled = G
I originally thought that this might be an anagram of “creates” plus a G (source of garbled) as seeing “chaos” in the clue made me think that there was an anagram present. However, chaos was used rather more literally here!

13 Frenchman chasing single girl [5]


single = I
Frenchman = RENE

15 Jumper who’s hardly sporting when not in front [7]


hardly sporting = “that’s not cricket”

17 Fearsome editor following key study [7]


key = D (musical)
study = READ
editor = ED

19 Swarming bees can generate a lack of presence [7]


anagram of “bees can”

21 One in charge warning worker [7]


warning = FORE (golf)
worker = MAN
Worker is more commonly ANT, but not on this occasion.

22 Sign firm master after end of term [5]


firm = CO
end of term = M
master = MA

24 Soldiers hurting, but getting there [8]


soldiers = RE (Royal Engineers)
hurting = aching

27 One member rambling and getting better [9]


one = I
member = MP (Member of Parliament)
rambling = ROVING

28 Pilot’s ordeal [5]


double meaning
This isn’t “pilot” in the sense of one who guides a ship or an aircraft, but “pilot” in the sense of a project undertaken to assess feasibility.

29 Delight at finding good shelter [4]


good = G
shelter = LEE

30 Rulers’ gifts accepted one day [10]


gifts = PRESENTS
one = I
day = D


1 Woman or boy with ponytail? [4]


boy = LAD
ponytail = Y (last letter of pony)

2 Power sources that are best, it develops [9]


anagram of “are best it” – “develops” is a clue that it’s an anagram
I tried hard to make BATTERSEA fit this, and it wasn’t until I wrote out the vowels in alphabetical order and then the consonants in alphabetical order that I “got it”.

3 Journeys in Kalahari desert [5]


KalahaRI DESest

4 Time to support, however considered [7]


time = T
however = THOUGH

5 Rejected by official [not new] [7]


official = REF (referee)
not new = USED

7 Inquire about individual racket [5]


inquire = NOSE
individual = I

8 Acting quiet, get dinner ready [10]


quiet = P (piano, Italian – used in music)
+anagram of “get dinner”

9 Manoeuvre royal train to front [8]


train = ENGINE
royal = ER (Elizabeth Regina)

14 Withdrawing: result of itch! [10]


double meaning

16 One jumps court without legal authority [8]


double meaning

18 First for length, and fourth for time, perhaps [9]


“time is the fourth dimension”

20 Real change – one monarch from a previous time [7]


anagram of “real”
one = I
monarch from a previous time = ER (Elizabeth Regina, in this case meaning Elizabeth I)

21 Edges that project, initially from different angles [7]


initially from = F (first letter of “from”)
+anagram of “angles”

23 Man hiding quietly in tree [5]


man = MALE
quietly = P

25 Disliked heat setting and finished [5]


anagram of “heat”
and finished = D (last letter of “and”)

26 Regrettably said to be a girl [4]




There! We’ve just been through a lot of mental byways together! 🙂


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