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The Navigators – Hays Galleria

Posted by HelenEdith on July 12, 2009

Close-up of one of the navigators on The Navigators, Hays Galleria

Close-up of one of the navigators on The Navigators, Hays Galleria

When taking a walk along the Thames Path from Tower Bridge back towards London Bridge on the south side of the Thames, the quickest way to London Bridge Station is through the Hays Galleria.

There is a large installation in there by David Kemp which is known as “The Navigators”. It is in a pool and various parts of it move, although the actual navigators, who sit high up in the installation remain stationary. The picture at the top of this article shows one of the navigators, whose headgear isn’t unlike some that the TV cameras picked out at Wimbledon the week previously!

The front of the installation has facial features, which I’ve captured below, although I didn’t include the full height of the installation in the picture.

I thought that I might have some more complete pictures of the installation on my website, and found them, but they turned out not to show the top either, as they were taken too late in the evening when there was no light up there. Do visit them at the bottom of this page: Stroll along the Thames, September 15th, 2006 as the pictures there show off the pool to good advantage.

However, beware that if you’re on dial-up that the link above contains some animations and loads a lot of thumbnails and may therefore be rather slow to display. You should have no problem if you have broadband. 🙂

The Navigators, Hays Galleria

The Navigators, Hays Galleria


2 Responses to “The Navigators – Hays Galleria”

  1. Hehehe – I have just finished reading Clive Cussler’s “The Navigator”.

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