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Tower Bridge under restoration

Posted by HelenEdith on July 8, 2009

Tower Bridge, freshly painted on the south side, under plastic on the north side

Tower Bridge, freshly painted on the south side, under plastic on the north side

Since my job returned to the City of London 7 months ago, I have been watching various parts of Tower Bridge disappear behind plastic and appear again later in a rejuvenated condition.

A few weeks ago, the suspension section on the north east side acquired a jacket of plastic behind which work is undoubtedly progressing.

The suspension section on the south side has already been restored, and the paintwork there is noticeably brighter than the faded paintwork on the unrestored sections.

I’m interested in how they are going to tackle the high walkways. Painting them could be quite challenging – although possibly not as much so as painting the Forth Bridge!


4 Responses to “Tower Bridge under restoration”

  1. Buff said

    For years I was under the mistake belief this was London Bridge. I now know better, but in my mind’s eye I “saw” this bridge when someone mentioned London Bridge.

    • HelenEdith said

      A lot of people are under that mistaken belief!

      This is Tower Bridge because it is built alongside the Tower of London. It is downstream of London Bridge, and presumably its site is a more difficult one for bridge-building as this bridge wasn’t erected until Victorian times. The other problem with the site was that shipping came all the way up to the Upper Pool, which is above the site of Tower Bridge, and therefore whatever bridge was built there had to allow shipping to pass through, hence its design with a section which opens which may not have been possible in earlier centuries.

      I must dig out a picture of the current London Bridge. There have been several, with the next previous one famously re-erected in Arizona.

      • Buff said

        Whcih always make me laugh … only in America? You put a bridge in one of the driest, hottest parts of America about as far away from the Thames as you can get? Yes, only in America. 😀

        • HelenEdith said

          I don’t know… …other buildings have been taken down, all the pieces numbered, and then re-erected elsewhere.

          Think of Captain Cook’s cottage…

          I think London Bridge might be the only bridge that’s been moved and turned into a tourist attraction though.

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