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A kangaroo and a missed opportunity

Posted by HelenEdith on July 5, 2009

The Elle-aroo, located just across the Thames from the Tower of London

The Elle-aroo, located just across the Thames from the Tower of London

Last Monday, I’d hauled my “proper” camera up to town because I wanted to take a look at the street pianos, and indeed I did so.

However, when it was home-time and I checked the railway departure boards prior to leaving the office, I discovered that a trackside fire near London Bridge Station was delaying virtually all train services until 9pm, so I decided to go for a leisurely walk with my camera and not hurry to the station, as I’d probably just end up hanging around on a platform and waiting.

I took a route which had me crossing Tower Bridge and then walking along the south side Thames Path back towards London Bridge, and in the open space near City Hall, I came across this kangaroo, which was one of a set of 20 dotted around London. This particular one was designed by Elle MacPherson and known as the Elle-aroo.

If you could spot up to four of the 20, you were in with a chance of winning a trip to Kangaroo Island, which would have been a prize worth winning, as my family are near Adelaide, which isn’t all that far from Kangaroo Island. 🙂

Alas, when I had more time later in the week and I checked out the accompanying website South Australia – Adelaide, Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Kangaroo Island, Maps, Hotels, Online Booking I discovered that the competition is now closed. 😦 The kangaroos have disappeared and so have my chances of winning a trip to a place I would really have liked to go. 😥


2 Responses to “A kangaroo and a missed opportunity”

  1. That elle-roo’s bum certainly looks big in that outfit 🙂

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