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Scarlett Oyster visits London

Posted by HelenEdith on May 31, 2009

Scarlett Oyster

Scarlett Oyster

Now that I’m working in The City of London again, I am renewing my interest in the shipping on The Thames. I can find out when boats like this one are visiting because their high mast means that they require a Tower Bridge lift, which has to be booked in advance, and for which a schedule is published.

This boat was a sailing yacht, and she was in London for a couple of days.

The picture was captured using my cameraphone. I could have hauled my DSLR up to town, but decided against it as the weather wasn’t that good, as you can probably see!

I’ve cropped in on Scarlett Oyster heself in the picture below. She is tied to a pontoon which is tied to HMS Belfast and you can see the crew crossing across the pontoon, from where there is a ladder up to the stern of HMS Belfast, which in turn has a gangplank to the south bank of The Thames.

Scarlett Oyster

Scarlett Oyster


4 Responses to “Scarlett Oyster visits London”

  1. That must be quite disruptive to the road traffic. How long is the road blocked for?

    • HelenEdith said

      Probably no more than about 10 minutes. I’ve got a couple of series of shots taken as the bridge is raised and lowered. I’ll find them and check the EXIF data on them for the time that’s actually taken and give you a more exact answer later!

      River traffic gets priority at Tower Bridge. Even Bill Clinton found that out when he was President and he arrived at the bridge with his motorcade just as it was about to be raised. Not even his Secret Service operatives could get the bridge lift delayed, even for a President!

  2. Marty said

    Way Cool. I’m glad you’re back in London — I do love these bridge pictures!

    • HelenEdith said

      That’s good, because there will undoubtedly be more of them! 🙂

      I thought about posting one this evening, but went with one of my other picture stories.

      However, I’ve got another bridge picture saved as a draft post so watch this space!

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