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Scarlett Oyster visits London

Posted by HelenEdith on May 31, 2009

Scarlett Oyster

Scarlett Oyster

Now that I’m working in The City of London again, I am renewing my interest in the shipping on The Thames. I can find out when boats like this one are visiting because their high mast means that they require a Tower Bridge lift, which has to be booked in advance, and for which a schedule is published.

This boat was a sailing yacht, and she was in London for a couple of days.

The picture was captured using my cameraphone. I could have hauled my DSLR up to town, but decided against it as the weather wasn’t that good, as you can probably see!

I’ve cropped in on Scarlett Oyster heself in the picture below. She is tied to a pontoon which is tied to HMS Belfast and you can see the crew crossing across the pontoon, from where there is a ladder up to the stern of HMS Belfast, which in turn has a gangplank to the south bank of The Thames.

Scarlett Oyster

Scarlett Oyster


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Book Review: Nora Roberts – Angels Fall

Posted by HelenEdith on May 31, 2009

Nora Roberts’ books are being categorised by the library more often these days as ‘Cri’ or ‘Fan’ than as ‘Rom’ and this one falls under the ‘Cri’ label.

Reece Gilmore survived a brutal crime and has since decided to go away on a journey of discovery. She fetches up in a small town called Angel’s Fist because her car breaks down; and when she finds out that the local diner needs a short order cook, she decides to stay a while and repair her finances.

There are some entertaining moments associated with someone who used to be a restaurant chef taking on the job of short order cook, not the least of which is the running battle with the owner over what herbs and spices are absolutely essential to have in a kitchen – and whether they should be dried or fresh!

The main plot of the story concerns a murder which Reece witnesses, but for which no evidence and no body can be found. The local writer, Brody, is the only person who believes Reece, but when strange things start happening to Reece, it seems that Reece really must have seen something that she wasn’t meant to.

Reece does eventually get a lead to follow up with Brody, and it draws the book to its climax, and eventually uncovers a murderer.

An enjoyable read.

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