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Entry for May 30, 2009 – Yahoo! 360° is closing down

Posted by HelenEdith on May 30, 2009

My blog needs a new home.

I could move it to the new Yahoo Profile, but I like the www.wordpress.com community, and I’ve decided to go there instead. I’ve just set up my blog over there: helenedith.wordpress.com and need to figure out how to make it look the way I want it to. I’ll be taking as much of my stuff from here as I can, although I suspect that I might lose my comments. I don’t have many of those anyway, as most of the people who would wish to comment on my blog never signed up to Yahoo! 360° and therefore couldn’t leave comments. 😦

I’ve got a backlog of book reviews to post, but might wait until I’ve arrived at wordpress to do that. I thought about creating a separate blog for book reviews, but they’re part of the minutiae of my life, so I think I’ll keep them where they are – along with reports of concerts I have played in or attended, update announcements for my website, and of course the general minutiae of my daily life that I originally started this blog for!

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