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Book Review: Fern Michaels – The Marriage Game

Posted by HelenEdith on May 1, 2009

I have been reading Fern Michaels’ “Sisterhood” series, which is about revenge, and this book showed all the hallmarks of being about revenge, too, even though the library had classified it as “Rom” rather than “Cri”.

Samantha Rainford gets back from her 3-week honeymoon to discover that her new husband with whom she has just shared an idyllic honeymoon has served divorce papers on her. A trip to the law firm of Prizzi, Prizzi, Prizzi and Prizzi alerts her to the presence of three further ex-Mrs Rainsfords, who had apparently also suffered the 3-week honeymoon then divorce scenario. There’s not much Samantha can do about it right then, so she and her model friend Slick, who has just been replaced by a younger longer-legged model decide to join the FBI and spend the next six months in a training school at Quantico.

Both Sam and Slick don’t make the cut at the end of the course, and neither does Eric Hawkins. Sam, having a suspicion that she was going to wash out anyway, has been using FBI facilities to track down the other Mrs Rainfords, and when she duly washes out, along with Slick, they contact the other three Mrs Rainfords to make plans about getting even.

They also get recruited by a secret organisation who thinks that some of the FBI’s and CIA’s rejects have potential after all. In fact, all four Mrs Rainfords get recruited, and so does Eric Hawkins, the other FBI dropout. They all go off to Big Pine Mountain to start their training.

The training is tough, but the four Mrs Rainfords, plus Slick and Hawkins make an awesome team. When they get a week off before Christmas, Sam spends most of the week in a cyber café, tracking down further Mrs Rainfords. She suspects that there are more, and indeed she is correct. The problem is that she can’t track down Mr Rainford, who doesn’t seem to exist.

Enter the step-brother of one of the Mrs Rainfords. He’s a cop, and they put him onto the case while they go back for six months more of training. When they come out, he’s come up trumps for them, and it’s time to work out some payback.

There’s rather more than that to the story, and the “Rom” sticker on the back of the book’s spine does turn out to be justified as Sam falls in love with her instructor on Big Pine Mountain, although I wouldn’t really describe this book as exactly a romance. It was a satisfying read, though.


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