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Book Review: Edward Marston – The Railway Detective

Posted by HelenEdith on April 19, 2009

(Book One of the Inspector Robert Colbeck Series)

I recently read the second book in this series, and decided to post my review of the first book to my blog before posting the review of the second book.

Having read some of Edward Marston’s Restoration mysteries, I decided to branch out and read some of his other work, and this one looked interesting.

It concerns a train robbery in the 1850s. The train robbery itself is fictional, but much of the rest of the story is historically accurate, which you would expect from Marston. The action involves Detective Inspector Robert Colbeck and his efforts to apprehend the perpetrators of the robbery.

Colbeck has allies in some most unexpected places in 1890s London, and this makes for a colourful tale, as do the scenes within the almost complete Crystal Palace, just gearing up towards the great exhibition which was held there.

Add in the beautiful daughter of the injured train driver, who gets drawn into the whole thing, and you have an exciting novel. I’ll have to see if Robert Colbeck appears in any other Marston books.


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