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Book Review: Catherine Coulter – The Aristocrat

Posted by HelenEdith on April 4, 2009

I have read several of Catherine Coulter’s historical romances in the past, but this is the first modern romance I have come across with the Coulter name on the cover.

I enjoyed the story, in which an American Football star, Brant Asher, inherits an English title, but doesn’t inherit the property and the money unless he marries his distant cousin Daphne. Daphne also doesn’t inherit much of anything unless she marries Brant.

It doesn’t take them long to decide that they will marry, particularly as they find that they like each other pretty well. Brant bears Daphne back to America, where she takes to American Football like a duck to water, but do Brant and Daphne actually love each other?

There is more than one disappointed woman who had her own eye on Brant, so things get spiced up with a cat fight or two, particularly after Daphne learns how to hold her own in such altercations!

My one gripe with this book was that Coulter appears to have used her historical research when writing this book. Even with its 1986 copyright, I think she got the scale of Guildford very wrong, considering that it’s been a cathedral city for years, rather than the small town she portrayed it to be.


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