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Book Review: Mary Carter – Accidentally Engaged

Posted by HelenEdith on March 10, 2009

This is a “little black dress” book – something I haven’t come across before. It’s a rather quirky romance – or maybe it’s a humorous book with a romance in it!

Clair Ivars is a psychic who reads Tarot cards. She is quite good at it – except when she tries to read them for herself, when she is inclined to get her predictions quite wrong.

A customer at a psychic fair requests a reading and then tells Clair what to say in order for her prospective sister-in-law just outside to hear that the marriage shouldn’t go ahead. Clair goes along with this, and after the customer has departed, discovers her customer’s engagement ring and a note asking that it be returned.

Clair being Clair, she doesn’t just put it in a box and mail it back – she decides to deliver it in person – and that’s when things get really weird.

Much that appears supernatural goes on, including a crashed car that isn’t crashed at all – and I think I lost count of all the bumps in the night! Clair also finds herself in the position of taking over the position of bride-to-be, even though she is more interested in the mysterious Mike than in the spurned Jack.

The blurb on the back of the book describes Clair’s prospective mother-in-law as hiding one hell of a family secret – and indeed when you get to the end of the book, you will find out that she really was hiding something pretty big!

This was an entertaining enough book, but I don’t believe that it has hooked me on Mary Carter.


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