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Book Review: Eloisa James – Kiss Me Annabel

Posted by HelenEdith on March 4, 2009

(Book two of the Essex sisters series)

I haven’t actually read book one, “Much Ado About You”, but it doesn’t really matter, as this is a self-contained novel, however, I will probably go back and make it my business to do so as I enjoyed this “Essex sister” book.

Annabel Essex was discovered by her father to be good with numbers, and she spent her growing up years being his unpaid bookkeeper, while her sisters fished and grew vegetables. I’m not quite sure where they managed to acquire their training to be young ladies in the course of all this, but maybe if I read the earlier book, all will become apparent.

Anyway, Annabel has decided to marry money. She never ever wants to lead a life similar to that she was forced to lead during her formative years. Annabel is therefore not particularly impressed when she meets the Earl of Ardmore, whom she believes to be poor.

Events overtake them, though, and Annabel is compromised and finds herself travelling to Scotland in the company of the Earl, whom she needs to marry.

Her sisters, knowing how little Annabel wants to live in Scotland married to an impoverished Scottish Earl, have a plan to rescue Annabel. However, Annabel finds herself falling in love with her Earl – and also discovers that he can afford to keep her in the style in which she wishes to become accustomed.

Annabel, overcome with guilt about wanting to marry for money, nearly allows her sisters to “rescue” her, before her prospective grandmother-in-law, who likes Annabel despite (or more likely because of) their barbed initial encounters, takes a hand.

This was another enjoyable Regency romance, and Eloisa James is another author who will be on my library list in future.


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