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Entry for March 01, 2009 – Demonstration last week!

Posted by HelenEdith on March 1, 2009

Last Thursday I went out to get some lunch and heard rather a lot of noise coming from between the Lloyd’s Building and the new Willis Building, so I went down there to investigate and discovered a small but noisy demonstration going on.

It transpires that the cleaning contractors employed by Willis altered the working conditions of the cleaners and got rid of some altogether and nobody’s happy about it – at least if they’re a cleaner.

I found some more information about the dispute here: City cleaners demo report and new callout

I took a couple of photos on my mobile. I got moved on by a Willis security employee at the first attempt. He told me I would have to go across the road as I was on private property and I couldn’t take photos on private property.

So I walked as far as the kerb and took my pictures from there. It turned out to be a better aspect anyway!

It does beg the question of whether I’ll be able to take some pictures of the wall frieze on the building next to the Willis Building. Maybe I’ll need to request permission. They might be more sympathetic to granting that than they would have been to “May I take a picture of the people who are trying to paint you in the worst light possible?”

(Picture included on original Yahoo 360° posting – if you’re viewing from FaceBook, click the “View original post” link to see the picture.)

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