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Book Review: Nora Roberts – Key of Valour

Posted by HelenEdith on February 27, 2009

(Book three of the Key Trilogy)

I was entertained when I picked this book up from the library to discover that it was “Key of Valour” rather than “Key of Valor” – however the translation into British English did not penetrate beyond the cover and this book was all American within!

This third and final part of the Key Trilogy is Zoe McCourt’s story, and also features Bradley Vane, the male interest in the story. Zoe is a single mother with a nine year old son Simon, and there were some hilarious man-to-man exchanges between Simon and Bradley in the course of the book.

The main plot concerned the finding of the final magical key to unlock the souls of the three demigoddesses captured by the evil sorcerer Kane, and involved Zoe going on a journey back through her life to the time when James Marshall had left her pregnant and alone. Along the way there were several supernatural encounters with the evil Kane, but as you would expect, Zoe did eventually come up with the key.

I’ve enjoyed this trilogy, although I think I’d prefer Nora Roberts to be a bit less fantastic and base her books a little more on a premise of solid reality.

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