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Book Review: Fern Michaels – Payback

Posted by HelenEdith on January 14, 2009

(The second in the Revenge of the Sisterhood series)

This book didn’t take very long to read, partly because it’s a somewhat slimmer volume than some of my other recent reading matter has been.

In Weekend Warriors, Kathryn Lucas gained revenge on the men who had raped her but escaped due to the Statute of Limitations.

In this book, it is the turn of Julia Webster, whose philandering husband has infected her with HIV.

Julia decides on a two-part revenge: she’s a doctor, and in addition to giving her husband his come-uppance, she wants to deal with the owners of three HMO companies who provide health insurance and then deny claims by their policy holders, many of whom die because of it.

Nikki Quinn’s ex-fiance Jack Emery is causing trouble by becoming suspicious of the activities of the Sisterhood. In fact, he gets himself into some very hot water with ex-spy Charles’ British overseers.

The revenge doesn’t go entirely smoothly, but they do get the job done, although I think that the eventual revenge was a bit improbable. I thought that the revenge in Weekend Warriors was more plausible.

It will remain to be seen how the revenges in the rest of the series turn out. Myra’s turn is next in Vendetta.


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