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Book Review: Elizabeth Moon – Victory Conditions

Posted by HelenEdith on January 7, 2009

(Book five of Vatta’s War)

As I suspected, this is the final book in the Vatta’s War series.

Ky is now an admiral with a large fleet at her disposal. However, the pirates have an even larger fleet, augmented by some brand-new military ships stolen from the yards at Tobados.

Rafe Dunbarger is still having problems on Nexus II, where ISC is in serious difficulties and their enforcement fleet is obsolete and virtually worthless. Due to Rafe’s father distrusting the Vattas, Nexus II has not joined with Ky’s Spaceforce, and when it becomes apparent that they’re the pirates’ next target, those planetside are left with insufficient protection.

Meanwhile, Ky’s cousin Stella is having problems of her own on Cascadia, where her ward Toby is falling in love with a local girl called Zori, whose parents aren’t too happy about it. In fact, Toby gets into some adventures because of it, but Zori turns out to hold one of the keys to fighting the pirates.

The book ends with an enormous space battle in the Nexus System, in which naturally Ky comes out on top. With the pirates defeated, there’s nowhere else for this series to go, so we’ll never find out whether Ky and Rafe make a match of it one of these days!


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