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Book Review: Alex Kava – A necessary Evil

Posted by HelenEdith on November 8, 2008

(A Maggie O’Dell Novel)

I haven’t been reading the Maggie O’Dell novels in any particular order, and this one is obviously a sequel to an earlier novel (you only have to read the back cover to realise that) but it did not detract from my enjoyment of it that I hadn’t read the earlier book, as this story is self-contained.

This novel opens with the discovery of a severed head in Washington D.C. – which doesn’t have much to do with Father Keller, Maggie’s old nemesis from that earlier book. Maggie’s friend Gwen is all mixed up with the servered head cases, of which there are several, but Gwen isn’t saying anything.

Then Maggie gets called away to help with the investigation into murdered priests, and this is where Father Keller comes in, as the Sin Eater, who appears to be the priest killer, has got to him, all the way down in his South American hidey-hole. He decides to return to the US to help Maggie catch the Sin Eater before the Sin Eater catches him, and Maggie agrees to work with him as this appears to be her best chance of success.

Eventually the two storylines collide, with a priest being murdered and his head severed. It’s up to Maggie to make the connection between the cases – a connection which she is convinced is not the whole story.

I did enjoy the ending to this book, but I won’t give it away.


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